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Machu Picchu Trek in Peru

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General Guidelines on your preparation for the Inca Trail

1. Use the hiking boots you will be using for the Machu Picchu trek.

2. Look for trails / paths through woodlands or countryside in order to get used to trekking over stones and uneven ground. Also carry a rucksack weighing approx. 5-7 kgs (11-13 lb) in which you should have a water bottle, some food, toilet paper and other personal effects. You may also want to train with a walking stick.

3. It is essential to find terrain which is hilly and has narrow paths climbing unevenly through the countryside. This will help overcome height concerns you may have.

4. It is vital to do at least one weekend trek of 7 hours each day across the most difficult terrain you can find within your area. This does not mean climbing Mt. McKinley or Mt. Hood. The objective is to find a rural rocky / hilly / stony terrain so that your muscles can get used to long periods of walking.

5. For people who are overweight it is important to also use the gym (particularly the step machine) and do regular swimming during this period in order to reduce the waistline. This will make it much easier to walk for 4 consecutive days.

If not in shape, your Machu Picchu hike preparation should include:

Aerobic Training – can include running, cycling, swimming, cross-country running, speed walking etc., for a minimum of 3 minutes per session

Strength Training – should include exercises working mostly on upper body strength. Include exercises for arms, shoulders, back and abdominals. Each exercise should include 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions (reps). You do not have to join a health club to get a good strength work out – you can do sit ups and press ups at home.

Stress Training – This work out should be around 30 minutes and you want to get your heart rate up to around 130-180 beats per minute for at least 1 minute duration at a time, but no longer than 2 minutes.
Recuperate between these high intensity bursts within 3 minutes before going at it again. An example of this type of work out is running a hilly course, sprinting the uphill (as your high intensity burst) and jogging the down hills and flats, for your recuperation.

Recreational Exercise – is any form of fun exercise that you enjoy. Can include climbing, trekking, dancing, canoeing etc.


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